our history

In the market for more than 25 years, Tex’s is a reference company in the manufacture and production of textile accessories.

With a vast experience, Tex’s has sought to evolve its products and solutions, following the changes in the market and thus responding with the best alternative to meet the needs of its customers.

Tex’s is guided by the respect for the raw materials used, operating only with entities certified and recognized in the market.

It is thanks to this respect, the entrepreneurial spirit and the constant monitoring of the market and of each of its customers that Tex’s has earned the preference of leading companies in the fashion and textile sector. A recognition for the excellence of the work carried out, seen by Tex’s as an incentive to continue and continuously improve.

From labels to seals through ribbons or applications, Tex’s accessories are the right choice if you want quality.


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Card | Woven | Stamping | Rubber products | Jackron | Leather | Synthetic

An essential part of any piece, Tex’s labels are the ideal solution to identify any brand. We produce labels according to our client’s guidelines.


Smooth | Custom | Automatic

We offer a great diversity of seals, seeking to adapt the different types of pieces and obeying the design of each brand.


From the smallest and simplest to the most complex and full of details. At Tex’s we produce metallic sheets with different shapes, sizes, colors and materials.


Ribbons | Metal applications with synthetic | Emblems | Transfers | Elastic bands

The smallest detail or the main point of differentiation. Applications are part of any piece and, at Tex’s, we produce a great variety, sustained in different materials, shapes, colors, sizes and finishes.


Made in different colors, sizes and materials, these products respect the piece tipology and obey the specificities of each brand.


Wallets | Pencil Case | Key Rings | Bracelets

Highly customizable, they can be made in different sizes and shapes, using different materials.


the opinion of customers and suppliers about us.

  • We chose Tex’s for the wide variety of solutions. With this, we are able to create pieces full of details without saving on quality and refinement.

  • Accessories are a fundamental part of the customization we give to each of our pieces. At Tex’s we find the ideal partner to meet all our requirements.

  • We have been working with Tex’s for several years and it is with great satisfaction that we consider the company as a true partner of our business. Attention, detail and care are words that perfectly describe Tex’s .